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Noni, nie tylko dla ludzi

We love our pets. In fact, Americans alone spend more than $20 billion a year on their beloved animals. I have heard of day spas for dogs, aromatherapy for cats, and all sorts of other unique ways to pamper a pet. But if you ask me, if what you want is a happy, healthy pet, perhaps the best thing to do is make sure it's getting some noni in its water dish everyday. Noni will provide your pet with the vitamins, minerals, and nutraceuticals it needs to help maintain good health. It also contains dozens of important compounds that may help with everything from cancer prevention to hair growth. If there is one thing I have learned from my research after talking with people for seven years about noni is that it's not just for humans.

Animal "Tales"

The first animal testimonial I heard came early on in my noni research while I was interviewing Dr. Anne Hirazumi for the book The Noni Solution. She is an excellent researcher and at the time had already published several papers on noni in peer reviewed scientific journals. Dr. Hirazumi told me her first experience with noni didn't involve a laboratory at all, but that it all started with a dog's water dish. She went on to explain that when she first heard about noni from her father, she decided to give some to her dog, Brownie, who had been seriously sick for quite some time. After drinking noni juice for just a short amount of time, Brownie started to get better. Soon Brownie made a full recovery, and Dr. Hirazumi was intrigued enough to start looking at the juice from a researcher's point of view.

The animal testimonials about noni juice didn't end there. It seemed many times when I was talking to a person about the benefits of noni, he or she would add something about how the family pet was drinking and loving noni too. This intrigued me, but didn't necessarily surprise me since I knew usually what is good for us is good for animals too.

For example, while collecting research data for my book, there is the story from Sharon and Jack Wells. Their dog, Jelly Bean, had suffered from a rash on her stomach for years. After giving her a teaspoon of noni juice for breakfast regularly, the rash disappeared. Another dog, Bashful, owned by Nancy and Don Collie, stopped its allergy which had caused rasping and wheezing after being fed noni juice through an eyedropper for a week. The stories go on and on.

The Noni Vet

Many of these stories are the results of pet owners seeking help from a man I consider to be one of the foremost experts on using noni with animals - Dr. Gary Tran. Dr. Tran has been a practicing veterinarian for 38 years. When Dr. Tran first heard about noni juice, he was skeptical. However, after he heard how much it helped his cousin's failing health, he decided to give some to his immediate family. The juice helped his wife's chronic fatigue and depression, his son's migraine headaches, and his own asthma. At this point, he finally trusted the product enough to give it a try with his four-legged patients. Since that time, he has used noni juice with more than 10,000 patients, and the majority of these animals were immensely helped.

New Noni Book for Pet Owners

Because Dr. Tran is so experienced using noni juice with animals, he is continually asked questions pertaining to noni and pets. In an effort to better inform the public how, when, and why to use noni with their pets, Dr. Tran shared with me his clinical notes, real medical case studies, and personal insights about using noni juice with animals. I combined this information from what I had already learned about animals drinking noni, and I wrote a book for pet owners called Happy and Healthy Pets - A Guide for Using Noni with Animals.

In the book, it covers the gamut of questions about why, what, how, and when to feed your pet noni juice.

It also covers how Dr. Tran has used noni juice with his patients suffering from these very common animal health problems: trauma, gastro-intestinal disorders, musculo-skeletal problems, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders, poisoning, and cancer. It even covers some not so common but deadly diseases such as the West Nile virus. The book is meant to serve as an easy-to-read pet guide that helps you know how noni juice helps your healthy pet, and what you may try if your pet is sick.

Let me end by giving you an excerpt taken from the section in the book about common animal illnesses. In these paragraphs, I focus on the second most common animal illness - Gastro - intestinal (GI) problems.

The main symptoms of gastro-intestinal disorders are vomiting and diarrhea. Holistic medicine works wonders for these particular problems. Dr. Tran reports a success rate for gastro-intestinal disorders in the mid 90 percentile.

The bad news is that the specific causes of most gastro-intestinal problems are often hard to diagnose. The problem may be in the stomach, intestines, pancreas, or liver. It could be an infectious or toxic disease, or perhaps it is caused by inflammation or allergies. The good news is that research has shown wherever the location and whatever the cause, gastro-intestinal disorders respond very well to noni juice. It is effective in these conditions because of its antibiotic, anti-oxidant, anti-histaminic, and general healing properties.

"The following case study shows specifically how Dr. Tran has used noni juice as well as other natural products to treat animals with GI problems:

Case 2-Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Sable is a 15-year-old, 25-pound female mixed breed dog. Sable had had frequent watery-mucous diarrhea for two weeks. Home treatment had not been successful. The dog was still eating, active and alert. There was no vomiting.

Sable was brought to me for treatment when her condition worsened. A blood count showed nothing remarkable, and no intestinal parasites were found. Cases like this are extremely common. Some cases are much worse with a lot of blood-digested or non-digested-mixed in the feces."

"I put Sable on 20 cc of noni juice; 10 drops of GI-AID bioenergetic formula; 1 capsule of peppermint-ginger oil complex (180 mg peppermint oil, 20 mg ginger oil); 1 capsule of 500 mg L-Glutamine. She took these three times a day. Sable was also given a digestive enzyme and probiotic complex tablet with each meal."

"After one and a half days, Sable no longer had any diarrhea. There has been no recurrence since. In the past, when Sable used conventional treatment, the condition recurred often. I told the owner to continue noni juice on a maintenance basis of once a day for a while to get rid of this seemingly food allergy problem."

For more information about noni juice and cancer you can purchase Dr. Solomon's book, Cancer - How & Why Noni Juice Helps in Treatment and Prevention, from Direct Source at


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