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Noni Juice & Cancer

Cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells grow uncontrollably and invade and destroy body tissues. Cancer can occur in almost any organ or tissue in the body. It is the leading cause of death in Canada, and second only to heart disease in the United States. Each year, 1.2 million people in the United States are diagnosed with cancer, and each day, 1700 people in the U.S. die from this disease. There are ways to fight back, but to understand them we need to know how cancer cells develop. As cells wear out they replicate themselves. When cells divide they pass on their genetic information. This genetic code, the DNA, determines what the cell will be and what it will do. One portion of the DNA contains the encoding for a process called "apoptosis." Apoptosis is the time limit of a cell -it contains the information for self-destruction of the cell after it has served its useful purpose. Normal cell growth includes the death of old cells (apoptosis) and the controlled reproduction of new cells. Cancerous cell growth does not include that process.

While there is no universal cure for cancer, there are four common treatments used with measured success. The main four types of treatment are surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and biological therapies. There are also some advances being made in experimental molecular biology. Some of the most successful treatments by doctors are those that include a combination of these four treatments. Since cancer can be such a pervasive intruder, many medical professionals feel it is best to attack it from several different angles.

As research continues, new substances are being discovered that help fight cancer. Plant extracts are growing in popularity. Noni is one example of a current plant-based biological therapy. In 2001, at the 92nd Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research, noni was listed as one of the top ten alternative cancer treatments used in conventional settings.

I have always believed that good health begins with good nutrition, regular exercise, and a positive attitude about life, constructed upon a strong spiritual base. However, since so many modern foods we ingest are so depleted of vitamins and nutrients, I have taken a closer look at nutritional food supplements like noni juice -an all natural puree of noni. I believe noni juice can boost both proactive and reactive health measures, especially when it comes to diseases such as cancer.

Over the years, I have recorded the results form a large number of people who drink noni juice. My most recent data show that out of more than 25,000 people who drink noni, 1,822 of them suffered from cancer. Of those 1,822 individuals, a remarkable 1,239 of them felt noni juice helped with their cancer symptoms. Many people felt noni juice was helpful in controlling their symptoms and the typically negative effects from conventional cancer treatments.

There are different ways to use noni juice to combat cancer. Noni can be used in cancer prevention, or to help supplement a conventional cancer treatment. Some employ noni as an alternative treatment for cancer because conventional methods have not worked. Others may be looking for ways to help control cancer symptoms or side effects that accompany many cancer treatments.

Cancer is "the quiet destroyer." But through scientific research noni juice may, in time, earn the nickname of "the gentle protector and healer". Within our bodies, there are many mechanisms at work trying to safeguard our health. Why not boost these mechanisms with a natural supplement that has been shown to contain important ingredients for promoting healthy cell function? People can improve the quality of their lives or even extend the length of their lives through the use of modern methods and alternative choices.

For more information about noni juice and cancer you can purchase Dr. Solomon's book, Cancer - How & Why Noni Juice Helps in Treatment and Prevention, from Direct Source at


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