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Noni Juice & Weight Loss

About four years ago Cindy Martin’s life changed. She had already gone through a bout of cancer ten years earlier, during which she had had a hysterectomy. But when four years ago she had a bowel become gangrenous, she didn’t feel like she would ever be normal again.

During the time she was going through multiple surgeries on her bowel, 47-year-old Cindy was told she had to go off her Hormone Replacement Therapy and she had to quit smoking. This caused Cindy to quickly gain about thirty pounds, to have no energy, and to feel depressed. Her life, full of major stress, seemed to be spiraling out of control. She tried to lose weight, but she could never lose more than ten pounds.

She suffered with these symptoms for several years, and then she was introduced to noni juice. After drinking the juice regularly, Cindy noticed some interesting things. First of all, she started losing weight.

"I wasn’t even dieting," Cindy says. "I think more than anything it was an attitude change in the way I felt about myself." At last, Cindy was able to lose the last twenty pounds she had kept on since she went off HRT and cigarettes.

Her energy returned. The stress, which was still in her life, seemed a little more manageable. Best of all, she says she started to sleep.

"I had always been a restless sleeper. I took all my stress with me to bed. Now, I go to sleep and I really sleep," she says. In addition, her depression was better and her sinus headaches in the morning were gone.

From a retired endocrinologist’s point of view, Cindy’s story is very interesting. After helping thousands of men and women lose three hundred tons of fat, I am so excited to see a natural food product that can help overweight people on their road to successful weight loss. What is even more unique with Cindy’s experience is how so many of her other symptoms, such as lack of energy, fitful sleep, and depression, were involved with her overall state of health.

To top it off, Cindy was just at the right age for menopause, even though she had had a hysterectomy years before.

In my book, Noni Juice - How Much, How Often, For What, I give details on a survey I completed with regards to how noni juice drinkers felt this wonderful product helped them—including those who were drinking noni to help with weight loss.

In my research, I found some very interesting information. For example, not only does noni help with weight loss on a cellular level through its high levels of antioxidants, but also it can help through ways most of us don’t realize. Take sleep for example. After drinking noni, Cindy said she was finally able to sleep better. She may not have realized the important connection between her more restful sleep and her body’s ability to lose those last twenty pounds.

Research released in Endocrine Today† shows that without enough sleep, the body’s metabolism may decrease, making it more difficult for people to lose or maintain weight. On average, we need about eight hours sleep a night. According to a recent survey by the National Sleep Foundation, only 30 percent of adults in the United Stated report getting eight or more hours of sleep per weeknights.

In the article in Endocrine Today, Michael Thorpy, M.D., Director of the Sleep Disorders Center at Montefiore Medical in New York, writes, "Sleep loss is associated with striking alterations in hormone levels that regulate the appetite and may be a contributing factor to obesity."

Lack of sleep, unfit sleep, or decreased amounts of deep or slow-wave sleep all significantly decrease the release of the body's Growth Hormone. GH helps regulate the body’s proportion of fat and muscle during adulthood. A reduction in GH also can cause a decrease in metabolism.

In all of my surveys done on noni juice drinkers, I have found a large majority of people report they sleep better when drinking the juice. For example, in the second dition of Noni Juice: How Much, How Often, For What, I report that out of 1,687 people who drank noni to help sleep better, 74 percent of them said their sleep was improved.

Therefore, if sleeping better is related to increasing metabolism, it is easy to see why many people who drink noni report weight loss as well as better sleeping habits-especially women in menopause.

For more information about noni juice and cancer you can purchase Dr. Solomon's book, Cancer - How & Why Noni Juice Helps in Treatment and Prevention, from Direct Source at


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